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As the 60’s approached it’s final years and The Beatles were about to “Let it be” a new sound was emerging from the same country that introduced the world to them. At the outset that sound had many different names..Space rock..psychedelic rock..etc etc but there was one band that stood above the rest in this style of music and that was four British musicians who got together in November 1969 in Hamburg and called themselves NEKTAR.

After playing a few of the smaller clubs in and around Hamburg, Nektar had the offer to rent an entire house from a close friend in the Odenwald close to Frankfurt. After settling in, Albrighton/Howden/Freeman and Moore set about writing their first masterpiece which was to become the all time spacerock classic “Journey to the center of the eye”.

The following album “A Tab in the Ocean” was considered by some as Nektars best progrock album although the best was yet to come the hardcore fans still believe this to be essential Nektar listening.

The band was always looking for something different in musical format and the time had come to record their first “live” album. Instead of recording in the usual was at a concert Nektar decided to invite a few friends along to the studio with a few bottles of wine and just play the entire set including jams straight to tape.

This captured the desired effect and “Sounds like This” became a very popular album of which Elton John commented as being an extraordinary album.

..and so we come to Nektars most famous works “Remember the Future” The success of this album both in Europe and the USA was nothing more than startling and was riding up the Billboard charts before the band had even set foot in the USA.

Following an extremely successful US tour on the back of this album, Nektar once again returned to Germany to produce yet another milestone in the Nektar catalog namely “Down to Earth” Nektar themselves admit that this was their “Magical mystery tour” album of it’s time.

1976 saw the original bands final album release “Recycled”. This was a masterpiece containing elements from hard rock to orchestral manouvers to Latin percussions. It was an immediate hit with the fans and left a lasting impression of just how good this band was.

Hectic touring and an increasingly busy schedule eventually took its toll however, leading to the departure of Roye Albrighton in December 1976. He was replaced briefly by American Dave Nelson, the new line up recording “Magic is a Child” (featuring a young Brooke Shields on the sleeve), in 1977.

This line-up was short lived, leaving a gap of two years before Nektar regrouped with Roye Albrighton and Taff Freeman at the helm. With musicians Carmine Rojas and David Prater the superb “Man in the Moon” (released on CD for the first time by Voiceprint Records) was released in Europe, with the band touring to great acclaim. By now though, Freeman had opted to remain in the USA and Albrighton went on to form the band Grand Alliance with ex-Climax Blues Band member Derek Holt.

In 2002 Albrighton resurrected the band that made him a household name in Germany and America.

That band is Nektar and a new album; “The Prodigal Son” is released by Bellaphon records. So opened a new chapter for Albrighton and also for the Nektar legacy – a chapter that led to the triumphant reformation of this legendary band.

A worthy successor to the previous Nektar catalogue, TPS has received five star reviews in German and American magazines and heralds a new dawn for Nektar.

2002 saw the remastering of the Nektar classic album “Remember the Future” and the release of the entire London Roundhouse Concert from 1973 with previously unreleased bonus material, and amazingly, a full reunion of Albrighton, Freeman, Moore and Howden, along with Mick Brockett’s light show for a concert at the annual NearFest event at The Patriot’s Theater, Trenton, New Jersey on June 29th with guest musician Larry Fast, and a further triumphant live show at The Town Hall in New York City in October 2002 and two US shows in late May and early June 2003. This was followed in July 2003 by the first Nektar concert in London since 1976 and two German concerts at the Herzberg Festival.

In October 2004, original bass player Derek “Mo” Moore announced his intention to leave Nektar. Citing other commitments, unable to tour on a large scale and generously not wishing to impede a revitalised Nektar, Derek stepped aside to welcome fellow Rickenbacker user Randy Dembo. A fan of Nektar since the 70’s, Randy proved a worthy successor to Derek Moore. 2004 saw an extensive European tour including concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands – equally importantly it saw the release of a superb new studio album from the band, the magnificent “Evolution”. With stand out tracks such as “Camouflage to White”, “Phased by the Storm”, “Always” and “Child of Mine”, the album is regarded as a true return to form by critics in both Europe and the USA. An American tour in September 2004 saw Taff Freeman depart the band for personal reasons with his successor, Hammond virtuoso Tom Hughes, instantly earning a place in the hearts of the Nektar faithful. With continued concert dates, along with the remastering of the remainder of the Nektar back catalogue on CD, this legendary band has become once more a proud force to be reckoned with in the world of Progressive music. 2005 saw management changes for NEKTAR and a shift towards the band taking greater control of its output – product and careers. Entering into uncharted territory the band toured Brazil to incredible audiences and critical acclaim. Now about to embark on major global touring in 2006 with significant product releases, it has never been a better time to be NEKTAR or for that matter a Nektar fan. The longevity of the band was realized in 2006 by headlining the superb BajaProg festival in Mexicali in March 2006. Now with a superb new Studio album “Time Machine” Nektar are about to launch themselves onto the global live circuit. An incredible show of pure Nektar music staged in two parts is sure to wow audiences everywhere.

With distribution expansion into new and old territories alike causing a huge groundswell of interest Nektar compositions still flow from the pen of Albrighton and the bands new 2013 release “Time Machine” will be yet another change in direction for this unique and versatile progrock quartet.


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