Stick Men feat. Tony Levin


Stick Men feat. Tony Levin

Datum: 24.03.2018

Kategorie: Konzert

Veranstalter: 3Dog-Entertainment oHG


Musiktheater Piano
Lütgendortmunder Straße 43 Dortmund DE-NW 44388 DE
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  • Einlass / Beginn
    19:00 Uhr / 20:30 Uhr
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    VVK: 25 € / AK: 30 €


STICK MEN – Tony Levin and Pat Mastelo o, the powerhouse bass and drums of the group King Crimson for a few decades, bring that tradi on to all their playing. Levin plays the Chapman S ck, from which the band takes it’s name.
Having bass and guitar strings, the Chapman S ck func ons at mes like two instruments. Markus Reuter plays his selfdesigned touch style guitar – again covering much more ground than a guitar or a bass. And Mastelo o’s drumming encompasses not just the acous c kit, but a unique electronic setup too, allowing him to add loops, samples, percussion and more.
TONY LEVIN – Born in Boston, Tony Levin started out in classical music, playing bass in the Rochester Philharmonic. Then moving into jazz and rock, he has had a notable career, recording and touring with John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Yes, Alice Cooper, Gary Burton, Buddy Rich and many more. He has also released 5 solo CDs and three books. In addi on to touring with S ck Men, since more than 30 years is currently a member of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel Band, and jazz bands Levin Brothers and L’Image. His popular website,, featured one of the web’s first blogs, and has over 4 million visits.
PAT MASTELOTTO – Very rarely does a drummer go on to forge the most successful career on the demise of their former hit band. Phil Collins and Dave Grohl have managed it, so too has Pat Mastelo o, a self taught drummer from Northern California, who has also been involved with pushing the envelope of electronic drumming. Pat has spent a life me jumping genres from pop, to prog, to electronica to world music with – among others – Mr. Mister, XTC, David Sylvian, The Rembrandts, Kimmo Pohjonen, and for the last 20 years with King Crimson.
MARKUS REUTER – Markus is a composer, guitarist, and producer. Ini ally trained as a pianist, he subsequently studied Robert Fripp’s Guitar Cra and learned to play the Chapman S ck, later moving onto the U8 Touch Guitar. Reuter has released several solo recordings and worked extensively with other musicians. He is one of the core members of the experimental band Centrozoon, is half of the duo Tuner (with Pat Mastelo o) and was also a member of Europa String Choir. Reuter has collaborated with Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, and many others.

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