The Whisky Priests


The Whisky Priests

Datum: 02.11.2018

Kategorie: Konzert

Veranstalter: 3Dog-Entertainment oHG


Musiktheater Piano
Lütgendortmunder Straße 43 Dortmund DE-NW 44388 DE
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    19:00 Uhr / 20:30 Uhr
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Reunion Tour October/November 2018

Internationally-acclaimed cult band The Whisky Priests, from County Durham, England, are reuniting in 2018 to perform what will be the band’s first official live shows since 2004, and to release a retrospective Complete Recordings 12-CD box set (containing all the band’s official studio & live releases, covering a 15-year period from 1985-2000, as well as an extensive collection of demos and other rarities), to celebrate the band’s unique career.

Founded in 1985 by twin brothers Gary & Glenn Miller, The Whisky Priests became one of the leading pioneers and finest exponents of the ‘folk-punk-rock’ genre. Their music and visual image proved hugely influential and spawned a host of similar bands worldwide. The Whisky Priests are now regarded by many as ‘Godfathers’ of their genre. The band released a string of internationally acclaimed albums but was particularly renowned worldwide, and in constant demand, for its incredible live shows, touring extensively and taking in 1250+ concerts in over 20 countries, including many festival performances, TV and live radio sessions.

Now, they’re “Bloody Well Back!” to complete some “Unfinished Business”!

The Reunion features all-original members from the band’s peak period, including the nucleus of Gary Miller, Glenn Miller and Mick Tyas : –

Gary Miller – Vocals, Guitar
Glenn Miller – Accordion, Backing Vocals
Mick Tyas – Vocals, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar, Harmonica
Kevin Wilson – Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick Thompson – Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Stephenson – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sticks – Drums, Backing Vocals

Select Quotes
„A Whisky Priests show is the sort of stuff to make your hair curl; honest, earthy, loud, raucous and tremendously uplifting.“ (Folk Roots, UK).
„They are as unique as a band who are truly unique can be – you’ll never see another live band to touch them.“ (Manchester Evening News, UK).
„Live the band is in great form: energetic, full of atmosphere and inspired.“ (Oor Pop Encyclopedia, the Netherlands).
„They play with such a nonchalent ease, that it’s hard to understand how they can be so dynamic yet so laid back.“ (Folk on Tap, UK)
„The Priests have a gut-level presence which should be the envy of all self-respecting musicians.“ (Scene Magazine, UK).
„The Whisky Priests play from the heart and soul, and their pungeant North East flavour makes them utterly different to anyone else.“ (Middlebrough Gazette, UK).
„The Priests have the coal and yards of Durham in their blood and it comes through in their music, which is vital, passionate and real. They deserve all the success they can get.“ (Bury Times, UK).
„This truly is broad appeal music.“ (Paint It Red, UK).
„The Whisky Priests have all the hallmarks of being the next big thing. They deserve to be heard by millions.“ (B-Side, USA).

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